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Bye Refined Sugar & Refined Carbs!

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13 Months, An Unprecedented Flare & TCM

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When your doctor says you might still have an egg allergy, and your inner voice says,

“F*ck that, eat whatever you want.” 

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One Year TSW

It’s been awhile since I posted, a lot has happened and then again things seem to be sort of stuck at the same time. Lots to update so I’ll go down the list in order 🙂 (Ironically tonight is also the weekend of my first relatively big flare of 2017 so I’ve got heaps of time to update to my heart’s content) 

1) First Year TSW Anniversary: My first year TSW is officially over and looking back, my skin has stabilized quite a fair bit since the early days but healing wise I would say I’ve only gotten half of the way I need to go. Part of me wishes it would go faster while the other part of me is thankful that I’ve started going out more now, and have become a bit more comfortable with my condition. 

2) Antihistamine Withdrawal: I also finally stopped antihistamines over a month ago and I’ve not looked back since. I’m not going to lie but I do miss Zyrtec / Benadryl during my almost monthly flareup. That said, I hadn’t been the most effective at stopping when it was no longer needed; and after a year of mostly overusage, it was time to stop. 

3) Medical Updates: During my latest checkup, my dermo and I decided to go forward and treat my residual bumps and redness as steroid induced rosacea. Two options: Oracea once a day or Finacea foam. I had my reservations about both and spent a day stressing about what to do. 

Oracea vs Finacea 

Oracea is a lower dose of doxycycline, 40mg with a timed release and is taken once a day without food. It is also expensive AF if insurance doesn’t cover it so I’m not sure how long I can keep this up. 

Finacea (azaleaic acid) is available in two forms, a gel cream and a foam and is commonly used to treat both acne as well as rosacea. I have never purchased it here in the US before but have been told it would be pretty expensive if insurance doesn’t cover it (yay thanks.) 

I initially thought I would use Finacea given my new push to stop using pills, but after a particularly frantic night of washing my face five times over trying to find a moisturizer that wouldn’t sting my face and completely failing… I decided I could live with an oral antibiotic for a few months to see if it knocked out the bumps. 

In the early stages of TS overuse I had taken Doxycycline and a much higher dose trying to combat what I thought was rosacea but I now know I was dealing with little rebound flares every time I stopped TS. Who knows if it will really work this time? I’m not sure but I’ve tried to do this the natural way for awhile, and it’s time to take control of my life again. Wish me luck? 🙂 

Also, here’s a LPT (Life Pro Tip) I learnt from another blogger about Oracea dosage that I’ll be trying out over the next month: When taking Oracea or doxy, do so on an empty stomach and avoid dairy and vitamins for at least the next two hours. Taking Oracea with food or the two aforementioned categories could greatly reduce the efficacy of the medication. What this means is, I woke up starving this morning and didn’t eat till around noon since my main food group is dairy. J/k. But still, a relative PITA. 

4) Exercise: Had an extremely short but blissful flirtation with sweating, running and lifting weights before triggering all sorts of rosacea-like symptoms, a red face, bumps and itch so we’re going back to the extremely boring long walks and maybe a few hundred squats routine for the foreseeable future. Boring, I know, but I’m going to keep pushing the envelope and see what else I can add. Feels good to have been able to push myself like that, and honestly I felt so alive I’m not sure I want to give it up over a red face. I’ll have to sleep on that! 

5) Niacinamide Allergy: Let me start by saying that Niacinamide seems to work like a dream for most. On my super diva skin, it feels like something is eating away at patches of my skin, it brings out hive like bumps and incredible redness. I did incredibly well with Elta MD’s Niacinamide products in the early days but my skin now completely hates AM Therapy and UV Clear (cue ugly cry). 

6) Makeup & Sunblock: In the last I’ve saved makeup only for super important occasions but I’ve realized that I need sunblock and while my quest for the right protection has come up short, I’ve managed to get decent mineral makeup from Tokyo to help protect my face when I’m out and about. I still prefer to go about barefaced but any protection I can get at this point is a huge plus. 

7) The Search for Perfect Gentle Skincare Continues: 

Current Product Lineup (Haven’t had a whole lot of luck with Western skincare options thus far as you can see) 

  • Curel Japan Makeup Cleansing Gel 
  • Meishoku Ceracolla Gel 
  • Skinceuticals B5 Gel (Currently testing, not 100% convinced that it isn’t clogging my skin yet) 
  • Etvos Mineral Makeup SPF25+++ 

Okay that’s me for now, happy 2017 everyone, obviously this is ridiculously late but wherever you are in this journey, I wish you love and continued happiness! 💜🌈

Meal Planning is Errthang


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Idiot Proof Meal Prep


Can you cook?

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TSW 7 MONTHS: Diet Doesn’t Really Matter

One thing I’ve learnt since starting TSW: Diet doesn’t really matter. 


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[Mini Review] Colorescience SUNFORGETTABLE Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 50


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Oops, Shopping Ban Starts Now

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Dead Sea Salt – A Miracle TSW Cure?

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